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Tesla Car Charger Installation - St. George Utah

From the beautiful Red Rock to the virgin river gorge, St. George is a dessert paradise. Unspoiled like so many cities before it. You love it there, you enjoy breathing the clean air, and you want it to stay that way.

Congratulations on owning a Telsa, and thank you for getting on board with the Electric Vehicle craze! We at feel the exact same way you do about St. George, as well as many other places in this beautiful country we live in. From the love of Electric Vehicles grew our love of making sure everyone gets the most out of them. For that, you are absolutely required to have an residential charging unit. You do not need a Tesla charging unit, but they are pretty hard to beat if you own a Tesla. The price, quality and ease of use of the charger is pretty wonderful. To order one, please reach out to us and we can ensure you get the right model, generation, and voltage for your needs.

Once it comes to the installation, we can tell you some pretty horrific stories of individuals who thought they could DIY their tesla charger installation. This is not something even a basic electrician is legally allowed to do. You are dealing with major voltage and could get injured, burn your house down, or even die. No wonder DOPL is so stringent on who can install these.

Once you start researching who should install your charger for you, make sure you ask yourself this one question. "Who know's how to install them, and how to make them work?" Unfortunately for you, there are not a lot of people who will come to mind. That being said, you are reading a blog to one of the only car charging professional organizations in the entire country. We do not stop once the unit has power like most electricians will do. We do not consider the job done until we connect the charger to your car, validate the connections works, change the standard settings, and increase the voltage to its properly intended outputs. That is not something you will find anywhere else. Give us a call today, let's make sure you love your Electric Vehicle like we here at love ours!

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